GTA 5 Download (full game)



We don’t expect the files to last long, so download GTA 5 as QUICK as you can.

GTA 5 files for download, are made up of pieces of code extracted from the PS3 version of the game. GTA 5 download for PC, is a full game that you will play for hours, with all three characters (Trevor, Michael and Franklin) in the biggest Grand Theft Auto world to date. Installer also comes for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Be sure to follow the instructions, and if you find any bugs please let us know, enjoy!

– experience the gameplay with 3 different characters
– amazing graphics
– feel the spirit of the city of Los Santos with BONUS missions
– pilot a plane, get drunk, play tennis and even build a spaceship!




Don’t go for Beta keys, there are NO Beta keys. GTA V hacked requires no keys, you can play it as soon as you download it.



install GTA 5


How to pass the surveys?

To get the GTA V game you need to complete one of the offers shown, after you click the “download” button. This is just a quick verification that you are not a bot, because our server is under heavy traffic and we have limited the number of downloads.

The majority of these offers are free and take 1-2 mins to complete. Some of them are market surveys, in which case you should submit required information (it can all be fake except an email), and some offers want you to try a, legitimate, virus free software.

When you have finished an offer of your choice, download will begin automatically.




Here at, it’s our job to keep you up to date with all the latest GTA 5 download news. Find rumors and speculation about the game, fan wallpapers, updates, news, download GTA 5 for PC, and other official Grand Theft Auto 5 free content when it’s released.

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Download GTA 5 Official Font



Are you a true Grand Theft Auto fan? Wanna do your homework with GTA 5 font? Well, you can download GTA 5 font from our site for free!




How to install: Unzip –> Copy TT version of the font to Windows Font folder (C:\Windows\Fonts)


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Grand Theft Auto 5 Main Character Exposed – Ned Luke



It is still an unconfirmed fact, but great physical similarity between Grand Theft Auto V main character Michael and TV actor Ned Luke, is very convincing evidence. Ned Luke, known for TV-Series Law & Order, is both voice actor and a physical role model for the GTA 5 protagonist character.



This guy has one really bone-chilling look.

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Update v1.5


– Added Stun Gun in the Ammu-Nation stores.

– Recoil while shooting from rifles is slightly adjusted

– Fixed an issue where attempting to shoot while crouching would cause players to be unable to shoot for 1-1.5 seconds.

– Cut the length of one dance song, that you hear when driving a chopper

– Trevor hands are moving more realistically

– Damage from some weapons tweaked

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GTA 5 finally coming out for PC !

Rockstar is ready to release its most successful game GTA 5 on PC. Yes, the release date is also confirmed; it is going to be released on 24th March 2015, with some additional features and updates. Obviously, the new PC version will be more attractive in regards of graphics and features. GTA V initially launched on XBOX 360 and PS3, in September 2013, and it was almost immediately available here for download. But people who love to play Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC have waited so long; however, they have to wait for a few more days. Rockstar also stated that this version is going to be much cheaper than the console version. The updates and tweaks will distend over the time; however, GTA 5 PC is coming out, which is a paroxysm of excitement for all of us.


GTA 5 First Person

You will be able to play GTA 5 as a first-person shooter.


A variety of new features, such as enhanced quality of gameplay and improved resolution and specialized upgrade will be available in the future editions of GTA 5 for PC. These are the In-game upgrades, which you are going to experience:

  • New weaponry, automobiles and activities
  • Added more wildlife
  • More dense traffic
  • Fixed Gameplay
  • Improved damage effects and climate effects, and much more
  • More Features

Furthermore, there will be new radio options, which means more new songs to enjoy while driving a car. Moreover, the individuals who preorder GTA 5 PC version will get 100k In-Game cash as a reward to use in offline/online game. Online gameplay of GTA V is trending worldwide, but the player count is depressing in console version. However, we will get an increased player count in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5.


Bottom Line:

There are many technical differences between the PC version and the consoles. The graphic look of gta 5 for PC is much enhanced and if you have a good graphic card as well as a good display, then you are going to experience the visuals more fruitfully. Apart from this, GTA 5 PC download will also get some tweaks and cheats which are not allowed in PS3 or XBOX. Just like any other game, it will likewise be modified unofficially by a few underground developers. However, the modified editions will not support online gameplay. You are already able to download GTA 5 from here; we are just waiting for the release of the official version and see what new features will it bring.

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Download Cool GTA 5 Wallpapers

GTA 5 Wallpapers for your desktop and pleasure.

Click on image –> Right click –> Save as

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Update v1.4


– Fixed title screen camera clipping

– Eliminated some aliasing issues

– Fixed a glitch that kept some game objects from appearing (bicycles, airplanes, parachutes and clothing stores)

– Improved overall performance

– Fixed various bugs and glitches

– Improved shadow rendering

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions, here is our way of answering some of them. Use contact form for other matters.


* Do i have to fill out this short survey to download the GTA 5 game?

Yes! But remember, it takes 1 minute and we don’t even care if you use fake information! Just use working email, because in some surveys you will have to click a confirmation link, and that’s all. It’s only to pay for our server costs anyway, because we have GTA 5 gamers coming from all over the world, and our servers are burning 24/7.


* Is this installer multiplatform (for PS3 or xBox)?

Yes! This Grand Theft Auto 5 is for PC and other platforms as well. Be sure to check the readme files and follow the instructions how to burn the game on a CD, and install it.


* Does R4zoR still code?

Yes, he actually coded the first demo version of the game.


* How to get out of the garage in Mission 2?

Trust me, the whole team was asking the same thing, untill R4zoR noticed the RPG in the corner and used it.


* Is multiplayer finally available?

YES, it is working now.

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Update v1.3


– FULL version uploaded

– Speed of some cars is changed

– Fixed an issue where saved game was not actually saved

– Bailing from a moving vehicle will no longer result in the car disappearing

– Added new graphic filter to properly display water

– Eliminated various issues regarding player movement

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Grand Theft Auto V Official Character Trailers






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Update v1.2


– Fixed a bug that caused game crashing for some Nvidia graphic cards

– Pressing the action button “Trigger the bomb” while weapon is equipped will no longer result in Trevor losing the weapon

– Fixed glitch and bugs in the final death cam

– Added auto-saving option


– Added 2 new cars

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Update v1.1


– Fixed a glitch that was distorting Jamaican accents in certain radio channels

– Fixed a bug where bomb icon was always showing while holding a bomb

– Attempting to aim a gun at an enemy that’s closer than ten feet away will no longer result in shooting through the enemy

– Fixed issues with in-game text

– Tweaked melee combat


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GTA 5 Demo Leaked !


News just in, the famous hack developers R4zoR and GTA_hacKing have put together the leaked development kit from Rockstar headquarters and pieced 3 playable missions. GTA 5 demo is now available for download.

Grand Theft Auto V, role-playing video game, set in the fictional city of Los Santos, is better and bigger than any of its predecessors. Fu*k, kill, marry a hooker, crash a plane, murder a president, get incredibly rich, hunt for deer… it is as realistic as a game can possibly be, and GTA 5 PC is free for download.




P.S. Keep checking back for updates!

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